Sixtus Lodge Terms and Conditions

No Smoking. No Fires. No Pets. No Firearms. No Fireworks. Responsible Alcohol Use.
Follow current COVID Guidelines.

Take all rubbish home.


  1. A non-refundable deposit of $100 must be paid by direct credit to Sixtus Lodge Bank Account 03-0726-0486134-000 on confirmation of a booking.
  2. The premises are to be vacated by 2pm on the day of departure unless prior arrangements have been made with the Booking Secretary:
  3. The final fees payment, less deposit, is to be paid by direct credit within seven (7) days of checking out.
  4. The code for the entry digital lock will be sent by text to the Camp Organiser three (3) days before the camp commences. The Camp Organiser or Designated Camp Leader is asked to keep the code confidential.
  5. The Camp Organiser or Designated Camp Leader must complete the Building Compliance Daily Inspection, (suggested at early evening), on every night’s stay. There are five (5) Emergency or Safety Practices to check in the Main Building. Please initial the calendar dates in the Red Recording Clipboard in the Pantry drawer.
  6. Users will be held responsible for any damage and loss to the buildings, the contents and equipment.
  7. The Sixtus Lodge Trust Board reserves the right to close down any camp at Sixtus Lodge considered to be out of control and/or causing excessive damage to the property or the local environment.
  8. In the bush areas on the property, groups must keep to formed tracks and cross fences only where stiles have been erected.
  9. A copy of the Sixtus Lodge Tenants’ Checklist, as to the condition of the Lodge on first entry, and again on departure, must be completed and returned to the Property Manager P.O. Box 1987 Palmerston North 4440 or scan and email to
    Spare copies of the checklist are inside a container on the wall in the pantry.
  10. The Camp Organiser or Designated Camp Leader must report any damage and/or loss to the Lodge Facilities by completing Page 2 of the Tenants’ Checklist. If anything is found to be seriously amiss on arrival, or occurs during your stay, please follow the instructions on the Checklist. 

See also our Tenants’ Information page.