Information for Tenants of Sixtus Lodge

PLEASE READ ALL SECTIONS CAREFULLY so that everyone is fully prepared for a safe and enjoyable stay at Sixtus Lodge. On confirmation of a booking at Sixtus Lodge, the Camp Organiser will also be emailed a link to the following information. For more information about Sixtus Lodge, see ABC of Sixtus Lodge

Tenants' Checklist

Our Tenants Checklist helps you to check our facilities at arrival, and again at departure, and provides a guide on how the Lodge can be kept in order during visits and left ready for the next tenants.

Sixtus Lodge is administrated by volunteers, who work hard to maintain the property, and we rely on guests to help us keep the Lodge clean, tidy and secure. We do not employ a caretaker or professional cleaners to check & clean our property between guests. We always appreciate the care taken by tenants who leave Sixtus Lodge in excellent condition for the next group. If, on arrival, you are unhappy with how you find the Lodge, please follow the instructions on the Tenants’ Checklist to report this to us. And please allow ample time for cleaning and security checks, switch off the Mains and replace the Lodge furniture (as per the photos on the wall), prior to your departure. 

PDF: Sixtus Lodge Tenants Checklist

What to bring to Sixtus Lodge (and what we provide)

Tenants will need to bring:

Food and drink including tea, coffee, milk. Sixtus Lodge is self-catering.

Tea towels, dishcloths, pot scrubs, scourers, dish brush.

Cleaning products: dish detergent, disinfectant, liquid soap for ablutions, laundry detergent ,’Jiff’, spray ‘n wipe,
oven cleaner.

Fly spray, bug repellent.

Paper towels.

Toilet paper.

All bedding and pillows, towels, hand towels, bathmats.

Rubbish bags.

First aid supplies including hand sanitisers, face masks, sunscreen.

Gas bottle, if you want to use the Lodge’s barbecue.

The above list is a guide only and tenants may need to add items depending on the circumstances of their camp.

Sixtus Lodge will provide:



Full range of kitchen utensils – eg. large and small pots and stockpots, pans, sieves,
trays, potato peelers, can openers, ladles, serving spoons and forks,
beaters, graters, rolling pins, scissors, large and small knives.

‘Parex’ hot water unit & electric kettle.


Large refrigerator.

Medium deep freeze.


‘Thermowave’ Stoves(2)

Electric Frypans(3)

Gas Barbecue (without a gas bottle)

Bunk beds, vinyl mattresses

Vacuum Cleaners (3)

Washing Machines (2)

Mops, Brooms and Buckets

Woodfire with firewood.

PDF: What to Bring to Sixtus Lodge

Quick Guide to Sixtus Lodge

A Code for the Sixtus Lodge entry Exterior Digital Door Lock will be sent, by text, to the Camp Organiser, three (3) days prior to the camp.

Once inside, you’ll find a bunch of keys hanging on a hook in the doorway between the pantry and the kitchen. These keys unlock other areas of the facility including the drying room and mop shed. The Trust Board recommends that the bunch of keys be returned to the hook when doors have been unlocked or locked.

On arrival you will need to switch the power on at the meter box (above the barbecue at the southeast corner of the Main Lodge Building). Inside the meter box, turn ON the switch labelled ‘Main’. Switch OFF again on your final departure.

Please DO NOT touch the MASTER Switch, as this switch runs the Refrigerator and Deep Freeze, Emergency Lighting and the Wired-in Smoke Alarms at the Lodge. These items need to remain on, even when the Lodge is unoccupied, to keep emergency lighting and smoke alarm batteries charged.

We recommend that, before too much unpacking happens, the Camp Organiser or a designated person fills in the Tenants’ Checklist (above) (and does so again prior to departure). This Checklist helps you to keep the Lodge clean, tidy, and functioning properly, and allows you report any issues to the Sixtus Lodge Trust Board.

On our noticeboards, and in the Kitchen/Pantry, are other notices which will help you during your stay, along with emergency procedures and contacts, health and safety information and suggested camp activities.

It is very important that the Camp Organiser or a designated person completes the Building Compliance Daily Inspection, early evening on every night’s stay. Please initial the dates in the Red Recording Folder (kept in the Pantry drawer).


Toka Cottage: Tenants are free to use Toka Cottage. It sleeps four in comfortable rooms, and has its own kitchen and bathroom. You will find the keys inside the Main Lodge when you arrive. Do ensure that Toka is cleaned, the windows latched shut, and the door locked when finally vacating. The power and hot water in Toka Cottage will need to be turned ON (small switch board on the wall opposite the cylinder) on arrival and OFF when you depart. Toka Cottage is ideal for adults supervising groups on camp. It is not suitable for unaccompanied children. 


PDF: Quick Guide to Sixtus Lodge