Information for Tenants of Sixtus Lodge

On confirmation of a booking at Sixtus Lodge, the Camp Organiser will be emailed the following information so that everyone is fully prepared for a safe and enjoyable stay. PLEASE READ ALL DOCUMENTS CAREFULLY. Each document is available here to download or scroll down to read them on screen. Copies are also available at Sixtus Lodge. 


Sixtus Lodge tenants will follow the current COVID-19 Alert Level or “traffic light” guidelines during their stay i.e occupancy, spacing, scanning, record-keeping. As they will have sole occupancy of the Lodge and its surroundings during their stay, tenants will follow the rules of their own organisation/governing body regarding vaccine pass requirements and use of face masks while on-site. 


Tenants' Checklist

Our Tenants Checklist helps you to check our facilities at arrival, and again at departure, and provides a guide on how the Lodge can be kept in order during visits and left ready for the next tenants.


Sixtus Lodge is administrated by volunteers, who work hard to maintain the property, and we rely on guests to help us keep the Lodge clean, tidy and secure. We do not employ a caretaker or professional cleaners to check & clean our property between guests. We always appreciate the care taken by tenants who leave Sixtus Lodge in excellent condition for the next group. If, on arrival, you are unhappy with how you find the Lodge, please follow the instructions on the Tenants’ Checklist to report this to us. And please allow ample time for cleaning and security checks, switch off the Mains and replace the Lodge furniture (as per the photos on the wall), prior to your departure. 

Sixtus Lodge Terms & Conditions

No Smoking. No Fires. No Pets. No Firearms. No Fireworks. Responsible Alcohol Use.
Follow current COVID Guidelines.

Take all rubbish home.



  1. A non-refundable deposit of $100 must be paid by direct credit to Sixtus Lodge Bank Account 03-0726-0486134-000 on confirmation of a booking.
  2. The premises are to be vacated by 2pm on the day of departure unless prior arrangements have been made with the Booking Secretary:
  3. The final fees payment, less deposit, is to be paid by direct credit within seven (7) days of checking out.
  4. The code for the entry digital lock will be sent by text to the Camp Organiser three (3) days before the camp commences. The Camp Organiser or Designated Camp Leader is asked to keep the code confidential.
  5. The Camp Organiser or Designated Camp Leader must complete the Building Compliance Daily Inspection, (suggested at early evening), on every night’s stay. There are five (5) Emergency or Safety Practices to check in the Main Building. Please initial the calendar dates in the Red Recording Clipboard in the Pantry drawer.
  6. Users will be held responsible for any damage and loss to the buildings, the contents and equipment.
  7. The Sixtus Lodge Trust Board reserves the right to close down any camp at Sixtus Lodge considered to be out of control and/or causing excessive damage to the property or the local environment.
  8. In the bush areas on the property, groups must keep to formed tracks and cross fences only where stiles have been erected.
  9. A copy of the Sixtus Lodge Tenants’ Checklist, as to the condition of the Lodge on first entry, and again on departure, must be completed and returned to the Property Manager P.O. Box 1987 Palmerston North 4440 or scan and email to
    Spare copies of the checklist are inside a container on the wall in the pantry.
  10. The Camp Organiser or Designated Camp Leader must report any damage and/or loss to the Lodge Facilities by completing Page 2 of the Tenants’ Checklist. If anything is found to be seriously amiss on arrival, or occurs during your stay, please follow the instructions on the Checklist. 

What to bring to Sixtus Lodge (and what we provide)

Tenants will need to bring:

Food and drink including tea, coffee, milk. Sixtus Lodge is self-catering.

Tea towels, dishcloths, pot scrubs, scourers, dish brush.

Cleaning products: dish detergent, disinfectant, liquid soap for ablutions, laundry detergent ,’Jiff’, spray ‘n wipe,
oven cleaner.

Fly spray, bug repellent.

Paper towels.

Toilet paper.

All bedding and pillows, towels, hand towels, bathmats.

Rubbish bags.

First aid supplies including hand sanitisers, face masks, sunscreen.

Gas bottle, if you want to use the Lodge’s barbecue.

The above list is a guide only and tenants may need to add items depending on the circumstances of their camp.

Sixtus Lodge will provide:



Full range of kitchen utensils – eg. large and small pots and stockpots, pans, sieves,
trays, potato peelers, can openers, ladles, serving spoons and forks,
beaters, graters, rolling pins, scissors, large and small knives.

‘Parex’ hot water unit & electric kettle.


Large refrigerator.

Medium deep freeze.


‘Thermowave’ Stoves(2)

Electric Frypans(3)

Gas Barbecue (without a gas bottle)

Bunk beds, vinyl mattresses

Vacuum Cleaners (3)

Washing Machines (2)

Mops, Brooms and Buckets

Masport woodfire with firewood.

Quick Guide to Sixtus Lodge

A Code for the Sixtus Lodge entry Exterior Digital Door Lock will be sent, by text, to the Camp Organiser, three (3) days prior to the camp.

Once inside, you’ll find a bunch of keys hanging on a hook in the doorway between the pantry and the kitchen. These keys unlock other areas of the facility including the drying room and mop shed. The Trust Board recommends that the bunch of keys be returned to the hook when doors have been unlocked or locked.


On arrival you will need to switch the power on at the meter box (above the barbecue at the southeast corner of the Main Lodge Building). Inside the meter box, turn ON the switch labelled ‘Main’. Switch OFF again on your final departure.


Please DO NOT touch the MASTER Switch, as this switch runs the Refrigerator and Deep Freeze, Emergency Lighting and the Wired-in Smoke Alarms at the Lodge. These items need to remain on, even when the Lodge is unoccupied, to keep emergency lighting and smoke alarm batteries charged.


We recommend that, before too much unpacking happens, the Camp Organiser or a designated person fills in the Tenants’ Checklist (and does so again prior to departure). This Checklist helps you to keep the Lodge clean, tidy, and functioning properly, and allows you report any issues to the Sixtus Lodge Trust Board.


On our noticeboards, and in the Kitchen/Pantry, are other notices which will help you during your stay, along with emergency procedures and contacts, health and safety information and suggested camp activities.


It is very important that the Camp Organiser or a designated person completes the Building Compliance Daily Inspection, early evening on every night’s stay. Please initial the dates in the Red Recording Folder (kept in the Pantry drawer).


For full information, see ‘ABC of Sixtus Lodge’ 


ABC of Sixtus Lodge Booklet

Copies of the ‘ABC of Sixtus Lodge’ booklet are hanging on hooks under the large noticeboard in the Lounge. This booklet has information about the Lodge and surroundings, the Glow Worm Caves, and walks & tramps in the foothills of the Ruahine Ranges. You can request copies of the booklet from the Booking Secretary. This information is also available on the Sixtus Lodge website


Phone Coverage

There is NO landline at the Lodge. Tenants need to provide their own cellphones. Coverage is adequate in the area (at the Lodge, it is better out in the grounds than inside the buildings).



Tenants are responsible for cleaning and maintaining the facility during their stay. The Lounge/Dining area should be vacuumed daily and the vinyl surfaces regularly swept and wet mopped. The dormitories need to be tidied and vacuumed daily. The ablutions need to be cleaned at regular intervals, especially groups who are remaining at the Lodge throughout the day. See also the Tenants’ Checklist. 


Smoke Free

The Upper, Lower Environment, Grounds and all Buildings are all smoke free areas. 


Alcohol on Site
The Board requests that tenants be responsible in their use of alcohol, especially when young people are present.


No Firearms, No Pets

Firearms and animals are not to be brought to the Lodge.


Fire Ban/No Fireworks

The Lodge is in a ‘No Fires’ area and this means no lighting fires or using fireworks anywhere in the outside environment.


Water Supply

Water is pumped from a natural spring in the valley below the Lodge, up to a tank on the farmland opposite. It is treated automatically by an ultra-violet light and goes through two large filters.


Toka Cottage

Tenants are free to use Toka Cottage. Do ensure, though, that it is cleaned, the windows latched shut, and the door locked when finally vacating. The hot water cylinder will need to be turned on at the small switch board on the wall opposite the cylinder cabinet on arrival and off when you depart.


Drying Room

The drying room (accessed through door by the large barbecue) is for tenant use and is very efficient.  There is a notice inside the room regarding its use. The heat pump is on a timer.


Outdoor Clothing and Footwear

Outdoor clothing e.g tramping gear, parkas and footwear are not to be brought indoors but should be left in the breezeway, on the kitchen side of the Lodge.


Septic Tank

The Lodge operates a septic tank. Detergent, therefore, should be

bio-degradable. Please try to avoid tipping large quantities of disinfectant down the drains and toilets.



Masport Woodfire

There is a very good wood-burner provided in the Lounge. For efficient use, see the operating instructions on the lounge wall. Dry firewood for the wood burner is provided in the shed in the breezeway (in Winter) and in the exterior woodshed behind the Ngamoko Room.


Rubbish and Ashes

There is nowhere at the Lodge to dispose of rubbish which means that all rubbish must be taken ‘home’. Please ensure the plastic rubbish container, in the pantry, is emptied and cleaned prior to departing the Lodge. There is a metal rubbish bin for emptying cold ashes from the woodfire (kept near the back door).



The road gate must be kept closed at all times, to prevent wandering stock from entering and damaging the grounds and plantings. Local farmers often need to move stock along Limestone Road to different areas of their farms.



The Sixtus Lodge property is surrounded by privately-owned land which tenant groups do not have the right to roam over. The Trust Board asks that you be aware of the need for cooperation with local farmers and help maintain their goodwill by not trespassing, swinging on fences, or disturbing stock.


Driving to the Lodge

A map & directions to the Lodge is on the Sixtus Lodge Website. It is advisable to have a full tank of petrol or diesel when travelling to the Lodge. The petrol pumps at Apiti do not operate (museum display only). The last five kilometres of Limestone Road to the Lodge is narrow and windy. It is important to keep left, as there are several blind corners and sometimes horses from the local Horse Trekking business, and wandering stock, are on the road.



There is a large grass area suitable for sports, games and other activities. Tenants will need to bring their own sports gear. Two volleyball poles and a net are provided, as well as a basketball ball hoop attached to a concrete block wall. There is a table tennis table in the Ngamoko Room. It is advisable to bring your own bats and balls.


On the eastern side of the Main Building there is a Challenge Course with 9 team  activities. A description of the course is in a green folder (kept in the lounge). A laminated copy (that can be taken outside) is in the mop shed. The equipment required (a tyre, ropes and small planks) is also stored in the mop shed, with larger planks kept beside the tool shed.