Check-In/Check Out Times

From 1 February 2022, our arrival and departure times are as follows:

Check-in times:

  • Schools – 10am
  • All other groups/individuals – 3pm 

Check-out time:

  • All groups including schools – 2pm unless specifically arranged with the Booking Secretary.


Adults (general groups/individuals): $20 per person per night
Adults (with school groups): $10 per person per night
Children/students: $10 per person per night

An estimate of numbers in your initial booking is acceptable. Final numbers to be reported after your stay is completed.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 must be paid by direct credit to the Sixtus Lodge bank account 03-0726-0486134-000 on confirmation of a booking. 

The final fees payment (less deposit) is to be paid by direct credit within 7 days of check-out. Invoices are not sent. 

Sixtus Lodge Booking Secretary: Hamish Price
Call or text: 021 238 3546                  Email:

Please use the calendar below to select your dates and submit your booking. Bookings are confirmed by email. Additional information for tenants, along with a camp checklist, will be sent with the confirmation email. See also Tenant Information. 

Christmas/New Year Bookings
Sixtus Lodge is reserved for use by Trust Board members during the Christmas holidays. Group bookings by other groups/individuals, between 17 December and 7 January, may be possible (despite the booking calendar showing “unavailable”). Please contact the Booking Secretary by email to confirm availability. 

Schools: please also fill in the following form Here once you’ve submitted your dates above.